Importing a value

You can create values on the go, while you are building a flow, or from the Values tab in the Boomi Flow Drawing Tool. Once created, values can be shared among all flows in the tenant.

If you did not create the value in the flow, you will need to import it, before you can use the value. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Open your canvas (In this example, we have a flow called Tip Calculator open.) and click Shared Elements.

    This opens the Shared Elements tab.
  2. Click Import Existing. This lists all the values available in your tenant.
  3.  Click the Import button next to the value you want to use in your flow. (In this example, we are importing the Meal tip value.)

    This imports the value to your flow. You can see the value in the list of values available for your flow:
  4. Click Close to go back to the canvas.

Keep in mind, if you edit the value in this flow, the change will be reflected across the tenant.