Installing the ManyWho Email service

You can use the Flow Email service to build an app that can send emails.

The email service needs to be configured with your own email provider in tenants. The service works with major email providers like Gmail or Microsoft Exchange.


We will need
  • Boomi Flow credentials (If you do not have a Boomi Flow login, please click here to request one)
  • Mail credentials (We can use the ManyWho Email service with most major email providers, like Gmail or Microsoft Exchange)

If you like, let’s begin by watching a 22-second video. We can also jump directly to the instructions (right after the video).

The steps to follow along…
  1. Click LOG IN to login to the Boomi Flow Drawing Tool.
  2. Click Services.
  3. Click Install Service.
  4. Copy-paste ManyWho Email service in the Name field.
  5. Copy-paste the URL in the URL for the Service field. We want to make sure there are no trailing spaces.
  6. Click Continue. This opens a screen with a list of configuration options.
  7. We will need the Host, User name, Password, Port and Transport values to be able to start sending emails. Here is a sample configuration if we are using Gmail:
    Host — Gmail with Default Value as
    User name[email protected]
    Password — @awesomeApp1729
    — 587
  8. Click Continue again. This installs the email service, and we get a confirmation screen.

    We can import the service in a flow and start using it.