Installing the ManyWho Runtime service

You can use the ManyWho Runtime service to create subflows and flow outs. Flow outs are part of the core platform. The runtime service can be used with the flow out feature to get the state information (say, load the state you want to join) or flow information (say, load the flow you want to flow out to).

Some of the other things you can do with the service  include:

  1. Executing sub-flows as a message action
  2. Listening to flow states for UPDATE and DONE events
  3. Loading sub-flow states, optionally querying on “External ID”
  4. Loading runtime flows, optionally querying on “Flow Name”.

The ManyWho Runtime service does not come pre-installed in your tenant. Here is how you can install the service:

  1. Click LOG IN to login to the Boomi Flow Drawing Tool.
  2. Click Services.

    This opens the Services tab.
  3. Click New Service.
  4. Type ManyWho Runtime service in the Name field.
  5. Copy-paste in the URL for the service field.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Click Continue again. You do not need to fill in the Authentication Token, StateID, and StreamID fields at this time.

    The service is now installed and ready to be used:

Remember to import the service to the flow first before using it! Once installed, this service can be used by all builders and flows in your tenant.