Launching a flow from a Salesforce workflow rule

Content under development

We can configure a Salesforce workflow rule to trigger an app we have built using Boomi Flow. The app can involve users, execute business rules and/or run over a period of time.

Some of the things we can do using Salesforce workflow rules and Boomi flow include:

  • Creating/updating multiple related/unrelated records
  • Sending out emails/tasks to users
  • Requesting approvals
  • Updating other systems or databases
  • Sending a text message notification
We will need
  1. Boomi Flow username/password  (Get a free Flow login here)
  2. A Flow tenant/subtenant with Identity Service installed
  3. Salesforce account and password (You can create a Salesforce account here)
  4. Salesforce Service for Boomi Flow configured

Creating a flow

  1. Click LOG IN to log in to the Flow Drawing Tool.
  2. Click New Flow.
  3. Select Salesforce Service from the dropdown menu Which Service should be used for authentication.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Enter a name for the flow in the Name field. Example: Workflow rules.
  6. Select Any user that can login with the selected identity service can run this flow in the Access menu, and select None from the Social feed for collaboration menu.
  7. Click Start Building!

    This opens the canvas where we will build our flow.
  8. Drag a Step element to the canvas.

    This opens a configuration panel.
  9. Copy-paste the text Update in the Name field.
  10. In the Content Editor, copy-paste the text The record has been updated in Salesforce.
  11. Click Save Step.

    This is what the canvas looks like now:

  12. Hover your mouse on Start. The mouse pointer changes from a crossbar to a hand.
  13. Drag an arrow from Start to Update. This opens a configuration panel on the right-hand side.
  14. Type Go in the Name text field.
  15. Click Save Outcome.

    This creates an arrow from Start to Welcome, with the legend Go on it. This is what the canvas looks like now:

Setting up the workflow rule in Salesforce

  1. Log in to Salesforce and select Setup.
  2. Expand the Create menu under the Build section.
  3. Click Workflow & Approvals to expand the options.
  4. Click Workflow Rules to open the Understanding Workflow screen. Click Continue.
  5. Click New Rule.
  6. From the drop-down menu, select the Object you want to have trigger your flow. We will use Campsite for the purpose of this tutorial.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Type Reservations in the Rule Name field.
  9. Select created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria as the Evaluation Criteria. 
  10. Run this rule if the following field should say criteria are met.
  11. Select Campsite: Description for the first Field option.
  12. Select Equals as the Operator.
  13. Copy-paste Pet friendly in the Value field.
  14. Select
  15. Click Save & Next.

    This takes us to the Step 3: Specify workflow actions screen.
  16. Click Add Workflow Action to expand the options.
  17. Select New Outbound Message.

    This opens the New Outbound Message screen.
  18. Copy-paste Update in the Name field. The Unique Name field is automatically populated.
  19. Copy-paste the following URL{tenantid}/{flowid}/{playername} in the Endpoint URL field. Of course, let’s add the actual Tenant ID, Flow ID, and player name. The URL should look something like this:
  20. For the User to send as field, make sure you select a user that can authenticate correctly with your flow (i.e. the user is able to launch the flow if they ran it directly).
  21. Check the Send Session ID check box, so the flow can login correctly as that user.
  22. In the Campsite fields to send section, make sure the Id field is in the list of Selected Fields.
  23. Click Save.
  24. Click Done.
  25. Click Activate.