How to link Chatter posts to running Flows in Service Cloud Console

If you have the collaboration switched on with Boomi Flow, agents can post messages to each other (in real time) while assisting customers. When a Chatter post is made from Boomi Flow, we include a link to the flow from which the Chatter post was made. If the @ mentioned agent clicks on this link, they will be taken to the Visualforce page, with that instance of the Flow running. The agents can then work together in real time.

Sometimes, however, it’s better if the agent clicking the link is not taken to the page, but rather they are taking to the full Service Cloud Console, with the appropriate Case, Contact, etc associated with the flow also open. I.e. if the flow is embedded as a Service Cloud console component. This how to walks you through how you can change the Chatter link to take the agent to the full Console and record rather than simply the Visualforce page.

In the example, we’ll assume you have set up a Flow as a component for your Case layout. We’ll assume that you want the Chatter link to open the associated case and running Flow.

Clone the page

Associate the page with an object in salesforce (e.g. Case) – run it as a console component.