Locking to a specific UI version

Boomi Flow CSS and JavaScript assets for the Flow HTML5 player are updated periodically. If you do not want the user interface to change, you can lock a specific UI version by creating a custom HTML5 player, and modifying the player code a bit (Easy peasy; just follow the instructions below).

Why would you want to lock to a specific UI version? That is one way to make sure any custom component you may have in production does not have any potential conflicts with a new UI release, until you’ve had a chance to test the new release out.

To get the latest UI version, check the UI versions in the changelog section here. The Flow UI 2.86.0 from June 2018 is the last version 2 release of the Flow UI, before the UI 3.0.0 versions.

  1. Create a new player (let’s call it UI2860) based on the Flow default player.
  2. Delete the  <script src=”https://assets.manywho.com/js/loader.min.js”></script> line of code. This is Ln 173 in the image.

    Note the line number; you will come back to this place to paste code!
  3. Open the Flow UI 2.86.0 version page. This gives us a list of vendor and versioned assets.
  4. Copy the Vendor Assets code block. Do not close the page yet; we will come back for the versioned assets code block in a bit!
  5. Remember the line of code you deleted? Paste this code right there.
  6. Let’s go back to the Flow UI 2.86.0 version page again.
  7. Copy the Versioned Assets code block.
  8. Paste the code under the vendor assets code block from you just copy-pasted.
  9. Almost done! Just one more copy-paste left! Okay, flex your muscles. Copy this code block:
  10. Paste this after the versioned assets code which you just pasted.
  11. Click Save to save the player.

Selecting this player when running your flow will load the UI 2.86.0 version at all times.

If you would like to try a different version, select the assets from that release. Keep in mind though, that vendor assets will always come before versioned assets for the magic to work!

Fun fact // 

The engineer who helped with this documentation is a math wizard, whose idea of light reading consists of cryptography, and mathematical biology. Magazines are for children!