Locking to a specific UI version

Boomi Flow CSS and JavaScript assets for the Flow HTML5 player are updated periodically. If you do not want the user interface to change, you can lock a specific UI version by creating a custom HTML5 player.

You can find Flow UI versions in the changelog section or by looking at Flow UI updates, available here. Each UI release changelog entry has the various script and links tags as vendor and version assets.

Let’s say you want to freeze the app UI to the Flow UI 2.78.0 version:

  • Create a new player called UI2780 based on the Flow default player.
  • Delete the code of the new player, replacing it with the following code:

  • Open the Flow UI 2.78.0 version page. This gives us a list of vendor and version assets.
  • Replace  <!– Paste vendor assets here –> with the script tags from Vendor Assets.
  • Replace <!– Paste versioned assets here–> with the script and link tags from Versioned Assets.

Selecting this player when running our apps will load the UI 2.78.0 version at all times.

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