Welcome to the Dark Side

ManyWho has a comprehensive set of APIs and developer frameworks. In fact, everything we do is API first. Meaning, if you can’t do it through the API, you can’t do it on the platform. We break our APIs and frameworks into four logical layers.

UI (Embed Framework)
Access our open source UI framework build on Twitter Bootstrap and Facebook React. Apply themes, build custom components, enable new channels of distribution. Get your apps running on and offline with ease.

Core API
Build directly against our APIs. From creating new user experiences across to automating build and distribution tasks. We provide APIs for everything.

Services (Connect Framework)
Connect your apps to anything using our open source developer framework build on Java, C# or Salesforce Apex. You can also access the source code of our existing integration Services in case your project needs something extra.

Events and Reporting (Report Framework)
Capture activity information about your users and usage by piping the data into Salesforce or your own database using our open source developer framework build on Java or Salesforce Apex.


Customize, extend and embed your Flow applications.

Our HTML5 Framework allows you to build cool new themes and components, using Facebook React and Twitter Bootstrap. We’ve made it super easy for you to build a world-class app and get it running. You focus on your business needs, we focus on your apps.

HTML5 SDK Documentation

HTML5 SDK Open Source Repo

All of that sits on top of our Run APIs. Meaning you can build front-ends in any technology, by either embedding our HTML SDK into your existing code-base or building your own. Check out how our Run APIs can drive Twilio Messaging & IVR applications.

ManyWho Platform Run API


Integrate your Flow applications with other platforms and applications as the backend.

Our Service SDKs allow developers to integrate their Flow applications into a variety of other platforms, databases, and applications. ManyWho is committed to providing an open and connected architecture.

Java SDK


Salesforce SDK

All of that sits on top of our Service APIs. Meaning you can build in any language that support JSON/REST. So there’s not stopping you delivering that project in your favorite language – even if we don’t yet have an SDK for it.

ManyWho Platform Service API


Receive reporting data about your running Flow applications.

Your Flow applications can be configured to provide you with lots of reporting metrics data. For example, how long has a user taken to go from one page to the next. Who’s accessed the Flow application. Etc. All of the information can be pushed to your own data warehouse using our open Report SDK.

Report SDK for Java & PostGreSQL

All of that sits on top of our Report APIs. Meaning you can build in any language that support JSON/REST.

ManyWho Platform Report API