Overriding a navigation

Coming soon! We expect to ship doc by September 20th. 2018

You can use the navigation element to build non-sequential workflows with Boomi Flow, where flow control passes from one element to another without waiting for a previous element to be executed.

You can change the navigation and hierarchy of items in the navigation, with a navigation override.

You can use a navigation override to:

  1. Hide or disable the entire navigation from your end-user.
  2. Hide or disable any navigation items from your end-user.
  3. Alter the linked map element to a different map element in the flow.

Let’s see how a navigation override works. To illustrate this, we have created a simple flow with three steps, and a navigation. We will next override This is what the flow diagram looks like:

This is what the navigation looks like:

When we render the app, this is what the navigation looks like:

Let’s say, We want to override the navigation for the Step 3 element.

  1. Shift-click on the Step 3 element to pull up the element metadata. This opens the Edit Metadata dialog box.
  2. Find the line of the code where it says navigation override. It currently says null.

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