Page layout – Configuring selective search in components

When searching within a page component (say, a table in a page layout), we can restrict the search to columns we specify only. For example, in this particular app, we can limit our search to only the Opportunity Name, Stage, or ID column, if we like:

We can have different search criteria for different pages in our flow, configurable based on our business needs, rules, or context.

How can we configure this? We will be editing the metadata of the page component.

  1. Click the Edit Metadata icon on the right-hand-side of the page layout.
  2. We can add the ID of the property of the type to search by in our search criteria in the metadata. Here goes:

A word of caution. The search criterion functionality must be supported by the underlying service if we are getting the table data from an external service; otherwise adding this metadata will appear to do nothing!