Page layout — Dependencies

We can easily track which page layout is used in which flow in a tenant. This comes in especially handy, if we have a tenant with many page layouts and multiple flows.

We can see the dependencies of a page layout by plugging the ID of a page layout in the in-built Flow API client.

  1. Click API.

    This opens the Flow API client.
  2. Copy-paste api/draw/1/dependents/{id} in the address bar, and replace the {id} with the ID of the page layout. Say, we want to see the dependencies of a page layout where the ID is fecabd85-275f-4f4e-a5bc-63b1b4f1d9ee; we will enter: api/draw/1/dependents/fecabd85-275f-4f4e-a5bc-63b1b4f1d9ee

  3. Click GET. This pulls up the number of flows the page layout is used in, besides the original flow.

If we edit the page layout, this will affect all the flows where the layout is used.

Flow Ninja // 

Typing a part of a command in the address field, pulls up the relevant API endpoints:

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