Page layout — File upload

Flow components let us split our app UI into independent, reusable pieces. A page layout in Flow has the following components:

Content – Hidden | Presentation | List | Outcomes | Image
Input – Input | Radio | Checkbox | Toggle | Text | Rich Text | Combobox
Data – File Upload | Table | Files | Tiles
Charts – Bar | Line | Pie | Doughnut | Polar Area

Let’s take a look at the file upload component.

File upload

The file upload component allows the user to upload files.

We can add isAutoUpload as an attribute of File Upload.

The isAutoUpload key takes two values — true or false —  to indicate if the component should auto-upload files when a user drops a file into the component. For example, here the value is true:

Editing the metadata

This is what the metadata of the File Upload component looks like:

By default, attributes is to set to null. We can update it with the following code:

We can change the value from true to false based on our requirements.

Goody bag
  1. Tutorial that uses the File Upload component — Tutorial: Uploading files in Box using an app

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