Page layout — Presentation

Flow components let us split our app UI into independent, reusable pieces. A page layout in Flow has the following components:

Content – Hidden | Presentation | List | Outcomes | Image
Input – Input | Radio | Checkbox | Toggle | Text | Rich Text | Combobox
Data – File Upload | Table | Files | Tiles
Charts – Bar | Line | Pie | Doughnut | Polar Area

Let’s take a look at the presentation component.


The presentation component lets us show rich text and images to users.

Like other components, this opens a configuration panel on the right-hand-side that lets us customize the component.

We can insert an image by clicking Insert and selecting Image in the content editor.

Images are uploaded as assets.

Images we upload in the presentation component have the .img-responsive class applied by default added at runtime, and scales with the parent element automatically.

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