Page layout — Radio

Flow components let us split our app UI into independent, reusable pieces. A page layout in Flow has the following components:

Content – Hidden | Presentation | List | Outcomes | Image
Input – Input | Radio | Checkbox | Toggle | Text | Rich Text | Combobox
Data – File Upload | Table | Files | Tiles
Charts – Bar | Line | Pie | Doughnut | Polar Area

Let’s take a look at the Radio component.


You can create a mutually-exclusive list selection with the radio component.

Drag and drop the radio component to a container in the page layout.

Like with other components, this opens a configuration panel on the right-hand-side that lets you customize the component.

This is what the radio buttons look like in action:

As you can see, radio buttons can be both single and multi-select. To enable multi-select option, check the option under Settings in the configuration panel, thusly:

The data to populate the table can come from either a service (like Salesforce) or from a list value. You can select the data type and source from the configuration panel that opens on the right-hand side when you drag and drop a table component to a container in the page layout. Here is an example:

Goody bag
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