Boomi Flow provides a low code app development platform for the enterprise. The apps you build can be available both online and off, work seamlessly with Salesforce, can be embedded into your existing content, and behave like native apps with Android or iOS. You do not need to worry about provisioning resources – we take care of elasticity and scalability for you. We also have a comprehensive security and compliance program that meets or exceeds several industry standards. Please find a data sheet with more information here.

Boomi partners are industry leaders with deep implementation expertise and a passion for customer success. We make sure our partners have all the resources they need, to help enterprises in their journey to be more efficient.

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Quick start
  1. Sign up for a Flow trial account.
  2. Read our documentation to see how you can build sophisticated feature-rich apps in just a few minutes. We recommend going through the tutorials.
  3. Reach out to your Boomi partner manager with questions and ideas.
  4. Have an opportunity and need support? Please get in touch!
Apps at the speed of ideas
  1. Create subtenants to create multiple work environments (For example, development or production).
  2. Invite your team members as fellow builders.
  3. Build a quick Salesforce integration.
  4. Install Twilio to build bots.
  5. Upload a file or two to Box.

Happy building!

Check out the glossary for a definition of terms and key concepts that appear in the Boomi Flow website, Drawing Tool, technical documentation, blogs, and marketing communications.