PDF Service 1.0.0

August 28, 2019

This first version of the PDF service supports the following main areas of functionality:

Merge multiple PDFs
This functionality allows multiple pdf files to be combined into a single pdf file.

Creating a PDF from URL
In order to work with a pdf file within Boomi Flow, the pdf must first be brought into the Boomi Flow environment. This functionality allows you to do this by importing an existing hosted pdf via the file URL.

Setting up a PDF as a Type
This functionality allows you to set up a pdf as a Type in Boomi Flow. For example, when working with a PDF Form you can set up a Type for the pdf file and then map the Type Properties to the fields within the PDF Form.

Populating PDF Forms via a Type
This functionality allows you to populate the fields within a PDF Form by using the PDF Type that you have set up and the relevant mapped Type Properties.

Generate PDF from HTML
PDF files can be generated from HTML using the PDF Service, using a ‘Create PDF from HTML’ Message Action.