Quick start – Box integration

Here is a quick look at the Boomi Flow Box service – Service URL, features, configuration, actions, and types.

Service URL


  1. Identity
  2. Social
  3. Messages
  4. Files
  5. Database

Configuration checklist
  1. Box Enterprise ID – You can find the Enterprise ID in the Box admin console here.
  2. If your app will be using metadata or webhooks, a server-to-server app authorization is needed. More information here.

  1. Assign Webhook to Flow – Assign a Webhook to a Flow.
  2. File: Copy – Copy a file into another folder, with an optional new name.
  3. File: Move – Move a file into another folder, with an optional new name.
  4. Task: Add Assignment – Add an assignment to a task.

  1. Comment – The Comment object structure.
  2. File – The File object structure.
  3. Folder – The Folder object structure.
  4. Metadata: Claim
  5. Metadata: ClaimDraft
  6. Metadata: Partner
  7. Metadata: Submission
  8. Task – The Task object structure.
  9. Task Assignment – The Task Assignment object structure.

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