Quick start – Custom Components

A component is a presentational element in a page layout. With components, you can split your app UI into independent, reusable pieces.

Boomi Flow comes with a ton of pre-built components that you can use straight out-of-the-box. These components are grouped in to four broad categories — Content, Input, Data, Charts.

What happens if you want… more? You build it, in minutes! Flow uses the Facebook React framework; which makes it super-easy for you to create your own components as classes or functions.

Here are some use cases:
  1. Custom components can allow real-time client-side Web service calls to other services, and populate data back.
  2. You can create custom components to create even fancier charts than the ones that ship default with Flow; for example, Gantt charts.
  3. Custom components can let you bind multiple values/fields to a UI component (Flow default UI components work with a single value. For example, an address with multiple fields for data like street names etc. will be tied to multiple inputs.)
To sum up… 

With custom components, you can:

  1. Design a custom HTML component layout.
  2. Attach it to an element on a page layout.
  3. Retrieve the current value of that element from Flow.
  4. Display it in a custom format.
  5. Perform logic.
  6. Update the value back to Flow.
  7. Interact with other components on the page.
  8. Force data transfer between the page and the Flow platform.