Quick Start: Elements

An element is a building block in your flow. Elements are categorized as follows:

  • Map Element: elements that perform various actions and logic and determine the path of travel through the flow via their outcomes. These elements cannot contain other elements. The map elements are:
    • Step
    • Page
    • Operator
    • Decision
    • Message
    • Database Load
    • Database Save
    • Database Delete
  • Navigation Element: elements that determine the unstructured path of travel through the flow. These elements do not appear in the flow, but allow the user to jump from one map element to another in any order. As a result, navigation elements do not work without map elements. The navigation is used to ‘point’ to particular map elements. The navigation elements are:
    • Navigation
  • Group: elements that change the behavior of the map elements they contain. These elements are typically used to change authentication context. As a result, group elements do not work without map elements. The group changes the behavior of the map elements contained within it. The group elements are:
    • Swimlane
  • Shared: elements that can be shared with multiple flows. These elements are ‘global’ for the tenant and should be re-used as much as possible. Typically a shared element contains data, structure or logic that can be helpful for many flows. The shared elements are:
    • Service
    • Type
    • Value
    • Macro
    • Tag
    • Page Layout

Developer information

Every element has a unique identifier and version identifier. The unique identifier never changes, but the version identifier is changed each time the element is modified. A flow references all of the elements that are needed for the flow to function. When a flow snapshot is created, the build process takes the latest version of all elements associated with the flow and locks the flow to those versions of the elements.


Setting Description
Name The arbitrary name for the element. We recommend adopting a consistent naming convention.
Comments (Optional) Any comments provided by the flow builder to help explain the purpose of the element.