Quick Start — Outcomes

An outcome lets your user running the app move from one map element in the flow to another, or from one map element into another flow. Outcomes can be combined with business rules to determine the path of execution based on pre-determined logic.

In the following image, Go, Concatenate, and Done are all examples of outcomes.

In your app, the outcomes get converted into clickable buttons. This is an example of how outcomes are rendered in an app:

You can customize the outcome through the configuration panel, which opens on the right when you create an outcome, or when you double-click an existing outcome.

The value you enter in the Name column is used by the Flow API; the Label is what your end-user sees.

Some elements (like Load or Save, that handle backend database actions and are not visible in the front-end), do not have any buttons that are visible in the app, but must still be connected using outcomes. You do not see a Label field in the configuration panel, for these instances.

Outcomes can be combined with business rules/comparison to determine the path of execution based on pre-determined logic. All map elements support outcomes. Decisions, messages, and pages support outcomes with rules/comparison.

Outcomes with the Start element

Every flow begins with the Start element, which is fixed on the canvas. The first outcome in the flow is the outcome from the Start element, which connects an arrow from Start to the first element you place on the canvas. The first outcome is typically called ‘Go’, but you can call it anything you like.

You can have only one outcome for the Start element – this begins your flow. Subsequent elements can have multiple outcomes.

All your flows will have at least one outcome, connecting the Start element to another element in the canvas. 

You can not have an outcome connecting any element back to the Start element.


You can have an outcome both to and from the same two elements. A simple use case for this would be Previous/Continue buttons.

This is how the outcomes are rendered in the app:

No outcomes necessary!

Not all elements in the canvas need to be connected with outcomes. For example, you can have a flow like this, and add a navigation:

This is how the app for this flow is rendered:

Looking for reference documentation on outcomes? We have you covered. Click here!