Quick start – Steps

The Step element in Flow is a map element that lets you display content to end-users. It lets you create simple user interfaces in seconds. A step can contain videos, images, tables, links, presentations, or code snippets.

When you drag and drop a step in the canvas, a configuration panel opens on the right, that lets you add the content you want to show to your end-users.
Text added to a step, will generate the text as inside a HTML <p> tag by default.

Steps support voting and navigation overrides. You can also add builder comments to steps when you are creating your flow.

If you like, you can also show a message to users who are not authorized to take action on that particular screen  (say, when you are using a swimlane that needs an additional level of authentication). To do this, add your comments in the Feedback section of Steps.

Once a step is created, it can be modified or deleted. Deleting a step can not be undone.

The presentation component in a page layout lets you show rich content to users. The page layout is also a good way for you to gather user data (with forms and components like inputs, toggles, or combo boxes), or create a dynamic and different experience for users with page conditions.

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