Quick start – Twilio integration

Here is a quick look at the Boomi Flow Twilio service – Service URL, features, configuration, actions, and types.

Service URL


  1. Messages

Configuration checklist
  1. Twilio Account SID –  The Twilio Account SID is a 34 character string that uniquely identifies your Twilio account. You can find the Account SID in your Twilio Console dashboard. Please contact your IT administrator if you do not have access to your Twilio Console.
  2. Twilio Auth Token –  The Twilio Auth Token acts as a password for third-party integrations. You can find the Auth Token in your Twilio Console dashboard.
  3. Twilio programmable SMS number.

You can create a Twilio account here.

  1. Send SMS – Send an SMS message to a phone number.
  2. Send MMS – Send an MMS message to a phone number.
  3. Send SMS (Simple) – Send an SMS message to a phone number without using an Object.
  4. Start Outbound Call – Start an outbound phone call.
  5. Start Outbound Call (Simple) – Start an outbound phone call without using an Object.
  6. Fetch SMS Webhook – Fetch data about the SMS that has triggered the webhook.
  7. Voice (Simple) – Call a number and use text to speech to vocalize a message.

  1. Call – The Call object structure.
  2. Call Recording – The Call Recording object structure.
  3. Media – The Media object structure
  4. MMS – The MMS object structure.
  5. Recording – The Recording object structure.
  6. SMS – The SMS object structure.
  7. SMS Webhook – The SMS Webhook object structure.

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