Rolling back to a previous flow version

A new flow version gets created every time a flow is published or run. Boomi Flow includes a full versioning capability for flow edits. Think of the flow versions as a ‘release log’, that allows you to easily rollback to a previously ‘released’ version. You can access previous versions of your flow, by clicking the Properties icon on the right-hand-side navigation.

  1. Click the Properties icon.
  2. Scroll down the Flow Properties dialog box till you come to the Versions section, which lists all previous versions of the flow.
  3. Click the check sign under Actions next to the flow version you want to activate.

When an older version of a flow is re-activated, the design time version of the flow doesn’t change.

Note: The Flow Version ID stores the unique identifier generated by the Boomi Flow engine for each version of the flow. Every time you change the flow, a new version ID is generated. You can find the Flow Version ID at the bottom of your Boomi Flow Canvas.

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