Running a flow from the Visualforce page

Boomi Flow works seamlessly with Salesforce. You can build a flow using the Boomi Flow Drawing Tool, and run it as an app inside Salesforce.

What you need:

Here is how you can run your flow inside our standard Visualforce page:

  1. Click LOG IN to login to the Boomi Flow Drawing Tool, and open your flow.
  2. Click Run or Publish in the right-hand-side navigation.
  3. Copy the Flow ID, including the term flow-id and the question mark preceding it.
    If you have published the flow:
    If you have clicked Run (The URL will contain the Version ID additionally):
  4. Click here to login to your Salesforce org.
  5. In the address bar in your browser, edit the URL to: … and paste the Flow ID details you have copied. The URL will now look like this (if you are using a published flow, the Version ID will be missing):
    The format for the URL is …{my flow id}&flow-version-id={only provided if running rather than publishing}
  6. Press Enter to load the page in your browser.

This will load the flow inside Salesforce: