Setting a default value/Prepopulating a value

Values in Boomi Flow are similar to variables in the programming paradigm. Values are containers that have a name, and contain data. This data can be numbers, text, dates, instances of a type (say, Type: Customer), or another value.

Sometimes, we want the value to save default content (which we may or may not subsequently change during the course of a flow, based on our business needs). We can assign a default value to a new value we are creating.

For example, let’s say we want to use a Zipcode value that is 19087 in our flow, we will set the value like this:

We can set a default value for all the content types supported in Flow – Boolean, Content, Date/Time, List, Number, Object, Password, String, Encrypted. For example, here we are creating a list of states in the country:

Being able to create default values is especially handy during service installations where we need to save the credentials of third-party services in our tenant: