Setting inline images for rich text boxes

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In order to set up a rich text component with the ability to insert inline images, the first thing to do is add the rich text component itself to your Page Layout, afterwards proceed through the following steps:

  • Log in to our Build Tool.
  • Get the Page Layout in question metadata and paste it into the request data text area.
  • In the metadata, search for the fileDataRequest property.
  • Replace null with the following json text:
"fileDataRequest": {
    "serviceElementId": "<Service ID that will host the files>",
    "resourcePath": null,
    "resourceFile": null

Note – In case you are using the Salesforce Service to host the files, the resourcePath property will have to contain the following data: ‘ParentRecordId:<External ID of the record to associate with the component (Example: a04j0000004FVrK)>’

  • POST the page back to save.

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