Setting up breadcrumbs in navigation

Breadcrumbs in a navigation lets your end-users keep track of where they are, in the app. A breadcrumb trail can show the user the path she took to come to the current screen, and what the road ahead looks like. It also provides links back to the screens the user navigated.

Here is what a breadcrumb trail looks like:

Okay, let’s set it up now. You are going to be creating a new player, and updating the isWizard property to true from false. Let’s say we have a player called Breadcrumbs:

  1. Scroll down to the isWizard property. (Ln 146 in the image.)
  2. Change the value to true and click Save.

    This saves the updated Breadcrumbs player in the tenant. You are going to be using this player when you run your flow.

Let’s see an example! We have whipped up a flow with four steps.

The navigation we have created is a simple menu:

Let’s see how the breadcrumbs work! We are selecting the player we just created, to run the flow with:

Here you are!