Setting up Flow engine restrictions for execution

Boomi Flow lets you set up Flow engine execution restrictions. Setting up these restrictions takes seconds, and lets you whitelist instances where your flow can be executed from.  

Restrictions set up in a tenant will apply to all flows in the tenant, even if there are multiple builders. You can also configure restrictions at the flow level; making only some flows in your tenant restricted.

Let’s see how you can enable execution restrictions.

  1. Click Tenant.

    This opens the Tenant tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Regional Restrictions section, and toggle the Enable Restriction button under Execution to On.

    This opens the options for Platform Instances.
  3. Select the instance where you want the flows in this tenant to be executed, and click Add. This adds the instance to your execution whitelist, allowing your flows to be accessible from this Flow platform instance.
  4. Click Save Settings when done. You will get the message Tenant successfully saved.

If you have execution restrictions set up, accessing flows from an instance that is not allowed, will give an error.