Setting up regional restrictions for tenants (Using the API)

The Boomi Flow runtime is the globally-distributed platform infrastructure that runs your apps. The Flow runtime now supports multiple regions. This means, requests to the runtime API endpoints on the platform will now be routed towards the region closest to you geographically.

Currently, the runtime has instances in the following regions:

  • AU: Australia (Sydney, AU)
  • GB: Europe (London, GB)
  • US: North America (Virginia, US)

Setting up restrictions for a tenant:

    1. Click API.

      This opens the in-built Flow API editor.
    2. Copy-paste api/admin/1/tenant in the address field and click GET.

      This populates the Response column with metadata on the flow.
    3. Copy-paste the metadata, and paste it in the Request column.
    4. You will update the request to set up a Flow.restrictions property. Delete “flowRestrictions”: null (Ln 11 in the image).
    5. Add the following code instead:
    6. Click POST.