Setting up regional restrictions for your flows (Using the API)

The Boomi Flow runtime is the globally-distributed platform infrastructure that runs your apps. The Flow runtime now supports multiple regions. This means, requests to the runtime API endpoints on the platform will now be routed towards the region closest to you geographically.

Currently, the runtime has instances in the following regions:

  • AU: Australia (Sydney, AU)
  • GB: Europe (London, GB)
  • US: North America (Virginia, US)

Let’s show you how you can set up the restrictions at the flow level!

To set up flow restrictions, you will first get the flow metadata by making a GET request using the inbuilt API tool in Flow. Next up, you will edit the code according to what you want, and then POST it back.

The countries and continents field in the metadata lets you choose which countries/continents you want the flow to be available to.

    1. Click API.

      This opens the in-built Flow API editor.
    2. Copy-paste api/draw/1/flow/{flowId} in the address field. Replace {flowId} with the Flow ID of the flow where you want to set up restrictions. Here is an example of what the endpoint will look like: api/draw/1/flow/13e8df87-82d3-468a-af93-bc0edaf438be.
    3.  Click GET. This populates the Response column with metadata on the flow.

      You will also get the success message: GET to api/draw/1/flow/4d3a40a4-d1f8-472c-bc70-811a6c438607 completed successfully.
    4. Copy the metadata, and paste it in the Request column.
    5. You will next create a new flow.restrictions property, and add the following lines:

This is what the code looks like now:

  1. Click POST.