Setting up regional restrictions for your flows

You can set up regional restrictions for your flows from the Tenant tab in the Flow drawing tool. These restrictions determine  where flows in a tenant are accessible from, that is the regions from where an end-user can make requests to the Run API.

You have the option of selecting specific or any combination of countries and/or continents. You can also restrict access by IP address.

Here is how you can set up regional restrictions:

    1. Click Tenant.

      This opens the Tenant tab.
    2. Scroll down to the Regional Restrictions section, and select the option for Enable restriction under Access.

      This opens the options for Countries and Continents.
    3. Select the country where you want the flow to be accessible from, and click Add. This adds the country. You can add multiple countries.
    4. Select the continent where you want the flow to be accessible from, and click Add. This adds the continent. You can add multiple continents.
    5. Click Save Settings when done.

These restrictions apply to all flows in the tenant. If you like, you can set up restrictions for individual flows within your tenant as well.

If you have restrictions set up, and an end-user tries to access the flow from a region that has not been whitelisted, she gets an error:

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