Starting with the Start element

The first thing you will see in the Flow canvas, is the Start element. This element; visually represented by a green circle with the legend ‘Start’ written in white inside, represents the beginning of your flow.

The Start element gives us, the builders, a way to know where we are starting on the canvas. It does not get rendered in the app. The first element the end-users of your app will see, is actually the first element you will add to the canvas. This element must be connected to the Start element by an outcome.

You can connect only one element to the Start element – Again, because all flows can have only one beginning. Subsequent elements can have multiple outcomes.

If you are creating a navigation, with multiple elements, even then your first element must connect to the Start element. For example:

Flows can only have one Start element. You can not delete or duplicate this element – all flows must have a beginning, and one beginning only.