System Flows 1.47.0

18th February, 2020


  • The value Access selection field has now been moved from the lower Advanced section to a more prominent position at the top of the Value page. This is due to value access type being closely linked to the new subflows feature. (FLOW-947)
  • The “Public” access type has been added to the value Access selection field as this type of access is required as part of the new subflows functionality. Any values that have been defined as being of ‘Public’ access type when the value was created are automatically passed between a master flow and it’s subflow. (FLOW-949, FLOW-950)


  • Page component bindings were not being saved correctly. With this fix, Page component  bindings can now be saved. (FLOW-645)
  • When changing a Page component from using a Service source to a List source, the objectDataRequest metadata value was not being cleared. With this fix, this metadata value is now cleared as expected when the data source for a Page component is changed. (FLOW-404)