System Flows 1.5.0


  • Added missing configuration options for the File Upload and Files components in the Page Layout editor.
  • Comments box in “Delete” map element configuration not full width.
  • “Cancel” and “Save” buttons when editing a component or a container in a Page Layout not fixed to the bottom of the screen.
  • Adding an action to an existing Message that already contains other actions displayed an error.
  • Logging in to a sub-tenant only populates the username field with the first part of the login email.
  • Removed sub-tenant section if you are already in a sub-tenant.


  • Added support for running the last activated version of a Flow from the Flows screen.
  • Added “Type” column to the Values listing.
  • Added “Service” column to the Types listing.
  • Removed editing and deleteing of IP restrictions, this is now an API only action as it is an advanced action and was causing issues for some users.
  • Added an “Advanced” section to the Tenants screen.