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Collaboration 1.6.0

April 9, 2019 Fixes Incorrect user count when co-browsing a flow

Collaboration 1.5.1

May 04, 2018 Fixed Clients having intermittent connection to web sockets.

Using tokens to share a flow

We know all about exporting and importing flows. There is now a quicker and faster way to share a flow between tenants - one...

Deleting a swimlane

A swimlane element contains other elements inside the lane. Before you delete the swimlane, you have to either move the elements outside the swimlane...

Creating a swimlane

We can use the swimlane element to use different authentication strategies for some parts of the flow. For example, we can split the same process...

Restricting access to a flow

Based on your business requirements and authorization strategies, you can configure how users access your apps. You may want everybody to be able to...

Collaboration 1.4.0

November 10, 2016 Fixed: Realtime sometimes not syncing correctly due to working against a redis sentinel configuration

Sharing a flow

When you create a flow and publish it, the Flow engine generates an app URL. You can share this app URL with your customers or...