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Email Service 1.1.5

5th August 2020 Fixes We fixed an issue where a flow with Operator elements after a Message element would cause errors. (FLOW-1488)

Email Service 1.1.4

6th May 2020 Improvements We have updated the mailing library we use and have added some additional internal logging functionality. (FLOW-1573)

Email Service 1.1.3

20th April 2020 Fixes An error is displayed when running a flow that uses the Send Email with Decision Request message action....

Tutorial: Quickest email approval app in the world

Hello. I've waited for you. Everlong.  If you want to book a rock band for the next company event, what is the fastest way to...

Installing the ManyWho Email service

You can use the Flow Email service to build an app that can send emails. The email service needs to be configured with your own...

Tutorial: Sending a mail with attachments

We can build an app with Flow that sends emails to our contacts or customers. We can import the email service, and use the Message element...

Tutorial: Sending mails using ManyWho Email

You can build an app in Boomi Flow that sends emails to your contacts or customers, without the need to integrate any third-party email service...