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System Flows 1.57.0

4th August, 2020 Fixes Once Voting was added to a Step or Page map element it would persist even after removing it....

System Flows 1.56.0

27th July, 2020 Fixes The Flows page would sometimes display the available flows twice in certain scenarios, such as when changing between...

System Flows 1.55.0

13th July, 2020 Fix A complex Page Condition was able to be saved by a flow builder even if a Page Operation...

System Flows 1.54.0

6th July, 2020 Fixes When setting up page conditions on a page map element, the Criteria drop-down menu on the Page Rule...

System Flows 1.53.0

June 16th, 2020 Fixed All compatible values were not made available for selection when updating or removing from lists in an operator...

System Flows 1.52.0

15th May, 2020 Fixes When editing message actions in a message map element, the Service and Action information is not displayed in...

System Flows 1.51.0

5th May, 2020 Features When creating a new page layout, the user is now prompted to enter a name for the page...

System Flows 1.50.0

April 6, 2020 Features Client certificate authentication Client certificate authentication can now be added when installing or editing a 'Boomi Integration Flow Service'...

System Flows 1.49.0

16th March 2020 Features As part of the MDH service 1.0.0 release, the Hub service entry in the Which Service would you...

System Flows 1.48.0

2nd March, 2020 Features The Install Service drop-down menu on the Install Service page has been updated to allow the following services...

System Flows 1.47.1

18th February, 2020 Fixes Editing an outcome directly would not display the business rules button. With this fix, the button is back...

System Flows 1.47.0

18th February, 2020 Improvements The value Access selection field has now been moved from the lower Advanced section to a more prominent position at the top...

System Flows 1.46.0

December 16, 2019 Improvements FLOW-609 Add all Boomi Atom Cloud hostnames

System Flows 1.45.0

November 05, 2019 Fixes Updating the minimum character count from 7 to 9 when resetting a user password Fixed...

System Flows 1.44.0

October 10, 2019 Improvements FUI-429 - Created a guided install for Services with a dropdown of Flow Services to pick from and extra...

System Flows 1.43.0

September 23, 2019 Fixed Fixed some options missing when editing an outcome on a page Fixed removing the filter...

System Flows 1.42.2

July 16, 2019 Fixed Fixed unauthorized error when editing a service

System Flows 1.42.1

April 02, 2019 Fixed Fix password reset email content

System Flows 1.42.0

November 29, 2018 Improvements Adding support for setting a documentation link in the page configuration screen When configuring a...

System Flows 1.41.2

November 23, 2018 Improvements Now when editing/creating Users/Groups in a swimlane, you can search and paginate through the options

System Flows 1.41.1

August 16, 2018 This release contains changes to alleviate the 502 Bad Gateway errors that have been occurring in the platform. 3 system flows (creating...

System Flows 1.41.0

July 18, 2018 Improvements Streamlined the flow creation process. You can now create a public flow without having to specify an identity...

System Flows 1.39.0

April 24, 2018 Fixed Error attempting to re-activate a previous version of a flow from the flow properties dialog

System Flows 1.38.0

April 10, 2018 Fixed Label input not visible when creating a new outcome in the page map element configuration panel

System Flows 1.37.0

March 14, 2018 Improvements Matching of values on the value selector by type when selecting values for operations Fixed Error...

System Flows 1.36.0

February 27, 2018 Improvements Removed the "Join" button for joining into a subtenant. This aides with security in that you now need...

System Flows 1.35.0

February 19, 2018 Fixed Number value with no default value set displays as zero when editing the value Editing...

System Flows 1.34.0

January 31, 2018 Fixed Services install flow now returns to the services screen after updating a service. This fixes a possible scenario where you could overwrite...

System Flows 1.33.0

January 25, 2018 Improvements Significantly improved performance of service installs and updates. This should alleviate issues around timeouts when installing or updating a service

System Flows 1.32.0

January 18, 2018 Improvements Re-activating a previously published version of a flow now uses an updated service  

System Flows 1.31.0

September 19, 2017   Improvements Removed gmail email restriction from user registration

System Flows 1.30.0

September 13, 2017 Improvements Default value for passwords now accepts significantly more characters (previously limited to 255) Viewing the...

System Flows 1.28.0

July 11, 2017 Fixed Error displayed when editing an outcome from a page map element

System Flows 1.27.0

July 04, 2017 Improvements The username & password fields are now always visible when installing / updating a service. Previously they were...

System Flows 1.26.0

June 27, 2017 Fixed Error when attempting to re-activate a previously activated version of a flow Every run of...

System Flows 1.25.0

June 05, 2017 Improvments: Changed "username" to "email" when resetting a password for clarity Fixed: Can't add users to an...

System Flows 1.24.0

June 01, 2017 Improvements: Removed login button for sub-tenants on the tenant screen as this is now available with the new tenant...

System Flows 1.22.0

March 03, 2017 Fixed: Business rules not being saved when editing the outcome directly

System Flows 1.21.0

February 28, 2017 Improvements: Enabled the new business rules editor where applicable Fixed: Error when adding registering new users into a tenant

System Flows 1.15.0

December 05, 2016 Features: Added support for the new visual editor for defining default Object Data for Values that are Objects. ...

System Flows 1.14.1

November 4, 2016 Fixed: Service & Resource Path configuration not being saved when editing File Upload and Files components.

System Flows 1.14.0

October 26, 2016 Improvements: Added support for comparing Object & List equality when building a filter for a Data Save or Data...

System Flows 1.12.0

October 05, 2016 Fixed: Fixed an error being displayed when adding new message actions to a Page map element

System Flows 1.10.0

September 27, 2016 Fixed: References to value in an existing Page Conditions rule not displaying the correct value

System Flows 1.9.0

September 23, 2016 Fixed: Vertical scrollbar being displayed in the value selector when selecting the type of a new value

System Flows 1.8.0

September 16, 2016 Fixed: Options for "Access" when creating a new Value from the value selector displaying capitalized Default...

System Flows 1.7.0

September 09, 2016 Fixed: Controls in the new Value dialog (opened from the value selector) overflow popup container on certain screen resolutions.

System Flows 1.6.0

September 08, 2016 Features: Added a new flow to support creating new Values from the value selector Fixed: Selected Values not being...

System Flows 1.5.0

Fixed: Added missing configuration options for the File Upload and Files components in the Page Layout editor. Comments...

System Flows 1.0.0

June 04, 2016 Improved: This release of our internal system flows (that’s right… we build Flows, using Flows!) support the Service installation improvements released today!

System Flows 1.0.1

June 09, 2016 Supports: This release supports Core 1.63.1 – Fixed an issue whereby custom attributes were being overwritten when you save a Page Layout.

System Flows 1.1.0

June 15, 2016 Improved: System Flow change: Added listeners tab to the Map Element page. Added listener creation section to the Map Element page flow. System...

System Flows 1.1.1

June 28, 2016 Fixed: Fixed an issue with saving default Content string values sometimes appearing as date/time stamps.

System Flows 1.4.0

July 28, 2016 Features: Moved Advanced Settings into a collapsed container, to streamline the user experience. Fixed Confirm/Cancel buttons to the bottom of the configuration screens. ...

System Flows 1.3.0

July 13, 2016 This release supports the improvements to the following system Flows: Swimlanes Navigation Editor Page components Step Page Services Outcomes  

System Flows 1.2.0

July 04, 2016 Improvements: This release supports the improvements to our system Flows.