Template — Forms page

Content under development

  1. Click Pages in the ManyWho Drawing Tool to open the Page Layouts space, and select New Page Layout.

    This opens a new Page.
  2. Click the icon-ios7-gear-128gears icon on the right-hand-side. This opens the Settings screen for the page.
  3. Type Contact Form in the Name and Label fields and click Save. This saves the name and label for the page. The name is for your reference in the flow; the label will be displayed at the top of the page as a header.
  4. Click the Save icon the right-hand-side navigation to save the page.

    The name of the page changes to Contact Form.
  5. From the Input section in the sidebar, drag a Input component into Main container.

    This opens the Configuration Panel for the Page Component.
  6. Write Name in the Name and Label fields.
  7. Check the Required box in the Settings section. This adds a red asterisk next to the box when rendered, and makes the input required.
  8. Under State, click Create a new Value.
  9. Write Contact: Name in the Name field, select String in the What kind of Value is this section, and click Save.
  10. Click Save Component.

    This is what the Contact Form page looks like now:
  11. From the Input section in the sidebar, drag a Input component into Main container.
  12. Write Email in the Name and Label fields.
  13. Check the Required box in the Settings section.
  14. Under State, click Create a new Value.
  15. Write Contact: Email in the Name field, select String in the What kind of Value is this section, and click Save.
  16. Click Save Component.
    This is what the Contact Form page looks like in the Canvas now:

    You can continue to use the Input element to create as many custom fields as required. Click the Save icon to save your work from time to time. If you click preview, you can see how the page will be rendered. For example, the page looks like this right now:

You can now import the page into your flow and start using it.