Tenant notifications for external storage

[This document is part of the implementation guide on how to configure external storage for Flow.]

The Flow Notifications API let’s you see any tenant notifications you may have. You can use the inbuilt API editor in the Flow drawing tool, to run a quick check on whether all is indeed okay with the external storage.

Here is how:

  1. Click API.

    This opens the API editor.
  2. Copy-paste api/notifications/1 in the address field and click GET.

    This shows you all the relevant metadata regarding your external storage; including any errors the Flow engine has encountered while saving states.

What are some things you can do when you come across an error? A good starting point may be to report the error to the person/team responsible for operating your external storage service (Usually, it will be the same team that installed the service in your data center).

Remember, The Boomi Flow team is happy and eager to help you at all times.