Tooling 1.13.0

August 18, 2016


  • Flow graph is now dimmed when editing a Map Element.
  • Page Layout editor is now full width. Editing components, containers, and conditions displays a configuration panel that slides out from the right.
  • Added a “Cancel” button when editing a navigation item.
  • Added api/draw/1/flow to API tool endpoint list.
  • Added api/service/1/requests and api/service/1/requests/{requestId} to API tool endpoint list.


  • Admin sidebar tooltips disappearing behind the navbar.
  • Setting the rich text editor to fullscreen not stretching horizontally and being overlapped by navigation bars.
  • The Page Layout editor becoming unresponsive if you hit the browser back button then select “stay”.
  • Flow graph not saving after resizing Swimlanes.
  • Missing configuration options for Files and FileUpload components.
  • Sub-pixel white border along the bottom of the Tabs bar.