Tooling 1.45.0

March 13, 2018


  • Refreshing the browser window now will not log out the current user
  • Pressing enter on the api dropdown will now send a GET request to the selected endpoint
  • You can now search for a tenant using a tenant’s ID
  • The flow dropdown in the header now opens on click to prevent it getting in the way of buttons in the right sidebar


  • When properties of an element are open, unable to open the properties of similar type of element
  • When you open the API for a specific map element using shift+click and if you hit the delete button the popup to delete the whole map element is also shown
  • The download and share buttons on import/export aren’t visible on small screens
  • “drag already happening” error in the page layouts
  • Input positioning incorrectly in page editor (jumping to first place)
  • Page Component configuration window is blank
  • Not able to use some dialogs which are invoked from the content value editor