Tooling 2.13.0

November 05, 2019


  • Flow builders can now install flows from the new Flow Library section.


  • New Boomi branding updates for the masthead, buttons and favicon
  • Added the ability to create a primitive value from the value reference dialogue used when inserting a value into the rich text editor
  • Updated the platform status link to point to site


  • The copy/paste window that appears when right clicking in the Flow editor no longer persists across Flow tabs
  • Fixed the inability to specify object value properties when creating a page condition using the simple page condition tool
  • Fixed error message not being displayed when trying to remove the current logged in user from a tenant
  • In the page editor, text/rich text fields were being marked as required despite being configured as optional
  • Builders are now prevented from copying outcomes using the copy/paste map element feature
  • Fixed tenant names over a certain character length overflowing out of the change tenant dropdown box
  • Fixed when creating a complex value, the selected type overflowing off the screen if the value needs to display over a certain number of properties
  • Preventing requests being made in the API tool when no endpoint has been specified
  • When editing Flow properties, unhelpful error messages displayed when the UI is unable to contact the specified have been replaced with more user-friendly errors
  • Fixed the player HTML not being displayed in the API tool when making a GET request on the players endpoint