Tooling 2.14.0

14th January 2020


  • Value picker enhancements (Part of the value picker revamp; these enhancements can be found when selecting values via the rich text editor, selecting values when creating basic scalar page conditions and when configuring a subflow map element. They will gradually be getting rolled out across the rest of the Tooling.)
    • Ability to filter values displayed in the value picker. This will include being able to filter by type, contentType and access type
    • Ability to view the five most recently used values from inside the value picker
  • Passing values to and from a child flow by configuring a subflow map element (technical preview)
  • Entire page layouts can now be cloned via a new button in the page editors right-hand navigation bar (this does not clone the pages dependencies e.g. values, only the reference)
  • Page containers and their nested elements can now be cloned within a page layout by using a new button included in the top right of all page containers (excluding the main wrapping container)


  • When installing a flow from the Flow Library or importing a flow into a tenant, users will be warned if the flow has any shared elements which would be overwritten. A list of these elements are displayed inside of the warning dialog telling the user the elements name, element type and ID.
  • When importing a flow into a tenant the name of the flow imported gets displayed in the success notification
  • Error/success/warning notifications now conform to the Boomi colour palette


  • Fixed the import/export tool causing an error when using Internet Explorer
  • Fixed the rich text editor toolbar not displaying the insert image and insert value buttons when editing a value property of type, content.
  • Fixed unmasked text being displayed in the value picker when using a property of type contentEncrypted
  • Fixed some error messages being displayed inside quotation marks