Tooling 2.17.0

2nd March, 2020


  • Copying and pasting a selection of map elements between flows could sometimes result in all map elements being pasted into a flow, instead of just the selected map elements. In addition, the pasted map element also still retained the same map element id, meaning that any changes made to the original map element were also made to the duplicate pasted map element. With this fix, copying and pasting map elements between flows now works correctly. (FLOW-1172)
  • Subflow configuration panel subheadings were being displayed in a different font and style to other configuration panels on the flow canvas. With this fix, the styling of the configuration panel is now consistent with the rest of the flow canvas configuration panels. (FLOW-1197)
  • The Select a flow to run as a subflow drop-down selection menu on the subflow map element was also displaying the search term underneath the selected flow. With this fix, once you have selected a flow from the menu, the search term is no longer displayed. (FLOW-1235)