Tooling 2.20.0

5th May, 2020


  • When creating a new page layout, the user is now prompted to enter a name for the page layout. When a user clicks New Page Layout to create a new page layout, the Create New Page form is displayed, allowing the user to enter a name for the new page layout. Once the user has named the page and clicked Save, the new page is displayed in the Page Layout Editor. The page layout tab will change to reflect the name for the new page layout once the user clicks the Save icon in the right-hand menu. (FLOW-623)


  • Outcomes are not re-positioned correctly on the flow canvas when a user moves the outcome line, resulting in unusual and unwanted outcome positions and configurations on the canvas. With this fix, a user can now right-click on an outcome on the flow canvas and select Reset Position to convert the outcome back to it’s original position. (FLOW-1496)
  • An additional empty page layout tab is created if a user creates a new page layout but does not enter any values into the page configuration panel, before returning to the flow canvas and clicking New Page Layout again, with the existing new page layout still open. With this fix, the original new page layout tab is selected if a user attempts to create a second new page layout before configuring the first new page layout. (FLOW-1542)