Tooling 2.25.0

9th July, 2020


  • When setting up a Navigation Override on an operator map element, the Which item do you want to override? drop-down menu did not update to include any changes made to the selected navigation menu. With this fix, the list of navigation items available for selection from the drop-down menu is updated correctly to include any changes made to the navigation items. (FLOW-908)

  • The positioning of layout areas in the Page Layout editor can be inconsistent when resizing the browser down beyond certain dimensions. With this fix, the positioning of any affected layout elements has been optimized to prevent layout inconsistencies when the browser is resized to smaller dimensions. (FLOW-539)

  • When editing a basic page condition in the Page Layout editor, some value/component selections created in the basic condition were not being displayed within the relevant fields on the Rule panel for the condition, resulting in an ‘[undefined]‘ value being inserted into the rule. With this fix, these fields are now correctly displayed when editing a basic page condition. (FLOW-1994)