Tutorial: Quickest email approval app in the world

Hello. I’ve waited for you. Everlong. 

If you want to book a rock band for the next company event, what is the fastest way to get an okay from your manager? We say, let’s build an app that emails the manager requesting for her approval.

All she has to do then.. is click Yes.

Of course, organizing the event may take more time than the ten minutes it will take for us to build the app.. and the couple of seconds for her to approve.

We will need:
  1. Boomi Flow username/password. (If you do not have a Boomi Flow login, please click here to request one.)
  2. The ManyWho Email service configured in the tenant.

This is what the canvas will look like when we are done:

Let’s get building!

  1. Click LOG IN to login to the Boomi Flow drawing tool.
  2. Create a new flow called Email approval app.
  3. Import the ManyWho Email service to the flow.
  4. Drag a Message element to the canvas.

    This opens a configuration panel for the element.
  5. Copy-paste To be or not to be in the Name field.
  6. Click New Message Action. This opens a screen that lets us select the service we want to use.
  7. Select ManyWho Email service as the service to send the message.

    This shows us all the actions possible with the email service.
  8. Click the Select button under Actions for the Send Email with Decision Request option.

    This lets us configure the message action.
  9. Click Select or create a new Value for From.
  10. We already have the email service installed. We will use the From value configured in the email service. This value contains the email address that will be used to send the mail.
  11. Click Select or create a new Value for HTML Body.
  12. Click Create a new Value.
  13. Copy-paste Email approval app: HTML Body in the Name field.
  14. The What kind of value is this field should say Content.
  15. Copy-paste this text in the Body field: Shall we book the Foo Fighters for the next annual company event? If we like, we can also style the text, or attach an image or two. Now. This is just one example of a sample approval request.. We can update this value based on our unique needs. For example, we can request a purchase authorization, or a business trip request, paid time off, and so on and so forth.
  16. Click Save.
  17. Click Select or create a new Value for Subject.
  18. Click Create a new Value.
  19. Copy-paste Email approval app: Subject in the Name field.
  20. Copy-paste Approval request in the Default Value field.
  21. Click Save.
  22. Click Select or create a new Value for To.
  23. The To value contains the email of the person we want to send the approval request to. Typically, we would have created this value when we were installing the email service to our tenant. Of course, if we like, we can edit/update the To value while we are creating the flow as well.
  24. Click Apply Message Action.
  25. Click Save Message.

    This is what the screen looks like now:
  26. Let’s create an outcome from Start to To be or not to be called Go.

    This is what the screen looks like now:

    Alright! Now comes the fun part. We will create two steps and two outcomes for the message action. Let’s go with a simple Yes/No scenario. The  outcomes will be automatically included in the email as links for the receiver to click. If the user approves the request, the flow can take the Yes path and continue right from the user’s Inbox. If the user does not approve the request, the flow is routed to the No path.
  27. Drag a Step element to the canvas.
  28. Copy-paste Yes in the Name field.
  29. In the content editor, copy-paste Go, go, go.
  30. Click Save Step.

    This is what the canvas looks like now:
  31. Create an outcome from To be or not to be to Yes called I say Yes.

    This is what the canvas looks like now:
  32. Drag another Step element to the canvas.
  33. Copy-paste No in the Name field.
  34. In the content editor, copy-paste the text Stop! Fighters?
  35. Click Save Step.

    This is what the canvas looks like now:
  36. Create an outcome from To be or not to be to No called I say No.

That was fast!

And… we are done building. This is what the canvas looks like:

Let’s run the flow now, and see how easily it converts into an app.


It took us around ten minutes to create an app that can send an email requesting for approval.

When we run the app, this is what the first screen looks like on a browser:

Time to check mails!

I say.. Yes!

What happens if we clicked on the I say No link? Exactly what we had configured the app to do! This is the screen it shows: