Types – Dependencies

If we have a tenant with many types and multiple flows, there is an easy way to track which type is used in which flow and by what value.

This is handy information indeed. If a type is being used it creates dependencies – which means we will not be able to delete the type from the tenant, without removing the dependencies first.

Here is how we can look up dependencies:
  1. Click Types to open the Types tab.

Let’s click the edit button next to the type we want to track.

This opens the configuration screen for the type. Dependencies, if any, are listed here. We can see where the type is used (Say, in a value, or a flow.) The element ID is also listed, should we want to subsequently access the elements using the Flow API tool.

We can remove dependencies by deleting all values of that type. We can also either remove the type/values of that type from a particular flow, or delete the flow itself, depending on what works best for us.