UI 2.66.0

June 12, 2017


Added a new requires setting that allows custom players to load specific UI framework libraries independently, this currently defaults to core and bootstrap3.

This allows you to pick and choose which pieces of the UI framework you want to load in a custom player whilst always making sure you get the latest version.

Currently there are only two available parts of the UI framework that can be loaded: core and bootstrap3. Over the coming weeks this list will grow.

The customHashes and customResources settings are still respected and those resources will load after the UI framework parts specificed as they currently do.

Locking a player to a specific version of the UI will still to be supported, the script & link tags for future UI releases will continue to be published with each changelog.


If you have a custom player that is not locked to a specific version of the UI and you want to continue to get automatic updates you will need to add requires definition e.g.