UI 3.10.0

September 24, 2019


  • Fixed the tile component ignoring when a label has been set
  • Fixed date times in the datepicker component moving back a day when in BST timezone is set
  • Fixed items getting duplicated in a combo box when they have been selected
  • Fixed being unable to upload files in IE11
  • Fixed the file upload component from not being marked as a required field despite it validation being enabled for it
  • Fixed selected table rows not persisting when a Flow performs a sync request (i.e. when a page condition is executed) or when the browser tab is refreshed
  • Fixed object data being duplicated whilst running a Flow offline. This occurred when object data was being cached by the Flow periodically
  • Fixed combo box component showing an asterisk indicating that the field is required even if it is not


  • Runtime UI files will now be appended with the current version number instead of a random hash. This will make it easier for Flow builders to pick and use previous versions of the runtime UI in their custom players
  • The table component is now able to perform client-side sorting on data that has not been retrieved from a service. For example, a table populated with data derived from a list value can now be sorted, whereas previously, the ability to sort data depended entirely on if a service supported it

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