UI 3.14.0

2nd March, 2020


  • The User Interface version is now included in request headers sent to the Boomi Flow API engine. This will help to enable backwards compatibility for the implementation of new features in the future. (FLOW-828)


  • Client-side validation on input fields was being erroneously performed when using a navigation element to navigate between pages in a flow. With this fix, client-side validation is performed as expected when a user clicks on an outcome, but users can still navigate between pages and input forms without validation interrupting the user. (FLOW-501)
  • Client-side validation was not being correctly performed on hidden fields within a flow. For example, if page conditions were being used to hide required fields, the default player (which has client-side validation disabled by default) would not perform any validation on these fields and a user could advance through a flow even if the fields were required. With this fix, client-side validation will not be performed on a component if the component is hidden or disabled. (FLOW-846)
  • Date/time input fields modified using the date/time selector were unable to be cleared by a user when running a flow as the value would be re-inserted when the user clicked outside of the input field. With this fix, date/time input fields can be cleared by a user as expected. (FLOW-845)
  • Flows that were run in an Internet Explorer 11 browser were encountering several issues. The build configuration has now been updated so that the flow experience in Internet Explorer 11 is improved. (FLOW-737)